Dear Academic Colleagues / friends,


Please be advised that in recognition of World Accreditation Day on 9th June the NAB/AU have begun a series of public outreach. 

  1. A promotional banner has been hung in front of the Medix Pharmacy. Would be up until the end of carnival


  1. A successful schools’ discussion was held on Thursday 30th May at the Methodist Church Hall. Nigel Scott and Mr. Marcus Caine provided the tokens of encouragement for the students. World Accreditation day pens were also given to the students. All students were given a copy of the inspirational book written by Dr. Jules Ferdinand “The Journey Destine for Great Success”.


  1. Leaflets containing information offered by the NAB/AU would be distributed from three of the leading business outlets in June/July


Thursday 30th May, 2019



A rising star from the St. Martins Secondary School makes his contribution. Teacher Mr. James from that school assists the NAB/AU with the energetic youngsters   



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