The NAB serves the public by offering quality assurance seminars, evaluator's training and consultations for post-secondary and tertiary level academic providers


The Board accepts applications from registered institutions seeking institutional accreditation. The criteria for accreditation are the standards of quality by which the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines National Accreditation Board (SVGNAB) determines whether an institution merits accreditation or reaffirmation of accreditation (also referred to as reaccreditation).

Accreditation is for a maximum period of seven years prior to reaccreditation. Act No.35 of 2006 gives NAB the power to accredit institutions and programmes of study in St Vincent and the Grenadines and to provide for the process and mechanism of accrediting institutions and programmes of study. In furtherance of these objectives, a national quality assurance and accreditation system has been developed, and responsibilities assigned, to execute the functions specified in the Act.

The board expects accredited institutions to maintain standards and to work towards improving their quality and effectiveness while continually striving for excellence.

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Verification of Credentials

Verification of credentials is a service offered by the NAB to allow our clients the privilege of using copies of their qualifications in lieu of their original documents. Verified copies can be used mostly by individuals who have completed courses and are now searching for jobs or follow-up courses of study.

The process of verification used by the NAB may vary, however, the process essentially requires the NAB to establish whether the institution exists.

If the institution exists, the NAB must further determine whether the institution has a legitimate presence in the country of origin. Once the NAB is satisfied with regards to the institution’s legitimacy, the NAB will contact that institution for affirmation of the issuance of the credential presented by the client.

The NAB will verify or decline verification depending on the results of its findings. The client is then advised of the results. 

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  1. The application for verification form
  2. Letter of authorisation 

Statement on Recognition

The NAB provides a Statement on Recognition on the registration/recognition/accreditation status of post-secondary and tertiary level institutions locally, regionally or internationally. The public is strongly cautioned/encouraged to utilise this service before pursuing any course of study whether online or face to face. This ensures that an informed decision is made. The Statement on Recognition can be used as a guide for employers when making assessments for employment purposes or promotions and also for entry into another institution for further studies.

Kindly note however, that acceptance of the programme of study is at the discretion of the employer, whether public or private sector and that no form of accreditation/recognition guarantees that any learning institution will accept credits from any other institution as transfer credits.

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The NAB is able to offer equivalency or comparability of credentials through UK ENIC - National Information Centre for the recognition and evaluation of international qualifications and skills.

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