The members of the National Accreditation Board are: 

Members Position
Dr. Rosalind Ambrose  Chairman/SVG Medical Association
Mr. Brian Glasgow  Deputy Chairman – Accounting
Hon. Jaundy Martin  The Attorney General/Office of the Attorney General
Mrs. Arlene Sam  CPO/Service Commissions Department
Ms. Dixeana Cudjoe  (Representative) Ministry of Health
Mr. Nigel Scott  Director/SVG Community College
Mr. Myccle Burke  Permanent Secretary – Ministry of Education
Mrs. Kay Martin-Jack  Chief Education Officer
Mr. Obsorne Bowens  Dean SVGCC-TVET
Mr. Dennis Gaymes  Chamber of Industry and Commerce
Mrs. Cerepha Harper-Joseph  Office of the Attorney General 
Mr. Dwayne Daniel  Vice President/SVG Bar Association 
Ms. Joye Browne  Workers’ Institute of Education Research 
Mr. Cecil Harris  Architecture
Ms. Giselle Myers  (Representative) Central/Economic Planning Unit
Mr. Nikolai Lewis  Engineering
Mr. Wendel Edwards  Teaching Fraternity
Dr. Trisha-Ann Job-Moses  Senior Education Officer/Accreditation
Mrs. Eula Adams  Educator
Mr. Brent Bailey  Engineer